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Come and start your fitness journey with Team Nia PT today. Get instant access to the full workout library, nutrition books, progress tracker and more. No fixed contract.

I'm not somebody who loves exercise, but Team Nia has been amazing for me. I can't believe I'm at a point where I exercise every day, but it's such a short workout, and I don't even have to leave the house. Three months in and I haven't missed a workout and lost a stone in weight. Highly recommendGWENNAN R.

If anyone has any doubts about joining Team Nia don't. This will be the best 20 minutes you spend in your day no matter what fitness level you are. Been with Nia over a year now and her variety of workouts never cease to amaze me. A real down to earth, no frills, awesome personal trainer on your doorstep.JENNY S.

Nia is so approachable and relatable and also so motivating without being pushy and intimidating. I have tried other trainers in the past but never been able to stay motivated with them. I’m a mam of two so life can get a bit hectic but I’ve found these 20min workouts completely suit me. I know I can definitely find 20min in a day to squeeze in a workout. People have commented on how lean I look and even my osteopath couldn’t believe how strong I had got just two weeks after joining this team. And for the first time I am enjoying exercise and waking up in the morning excited to see what today’s workout is.JENNY H.

Have been a member of Team Nia PT since July 2020 and never looked back. Love the variety of 20 min workouts nia provides every week day which keeps us on our toes and allows us to do whenever suits us best during the day. Nia is a super supportive trainer and always gets back to you promptly with any questions you may have for her. Nia is always working on fresh new ideas to improve on her already fabulous service and so lovely to have a real community to support and spur you on for those days you don't feel like exercising. Love all the extra challenges she provides for you and food ideas when you need inspiration!! Can't recommend TEAM NIA PT enough!ANNE H.

I love being part of Team Nia PT. The workouts are fun, varied and suitable for all levels of fitness and because they are just 20 minutes long, they are easy to slot into my busy day. I actually look forward to working out for the first time in years!! I also love the fun extra little challenges each week that keep me on my toes. Nia is really friendly, approachable and likeable and I am so glad that I found her during a low point in my life. Being part of Team Nia PT has literally given me my life back.LUCIE L.

What can I say about Team NIA PT…..I joined at the very start of Team NIA PT and have only missed approx 3 weeks of training since the start (hols and sickness) ….by having a routine like this it’s enabled me to get fitter, definitely stronger, far more energised, toned and I’m able to eat what I want and keep my weight down…..This was my goal for joining and I’m living proof that I haven’t become bored or given up. This is my new normal and I love having Team Nia PT as a part of my life.GWERFYL O.

After having my second baby in Early December then overindulging throughout Christmas and the lockdowns I knew I needed to lose weight and more importantly tone up! After hearing about Nia I signed up for the 4 week challenge. I got up everyday at 6am and did my 20 minute workout. For the first time in a long time I felt motivated and was shocked to realise I was actually enjoying the workouts! As the weeks went on I could feel my fitness getting better and more importantly I felt happier. Iv never stuck to anything and always lacked motivation but that has all changed since joining Nia's workouts. I finally feel proud of myself for completing something and look forward to starting another challenge. The 20 minutes go so quick and you can fit it easily into your day. I can’t thank Nia enough! ?BECKY S.

I thoroughly enjoy being part of team Nia PT. I have progressed so much over the last year and it's mainly because the workouts fit in my day really easily. Nia is very motivating and a great role model as she is doing the work out with you. I have enjoyed all the challenges and Nia makes everything fun and is very knowledgeable and helpful. She provides great advice and recipes that work!BERNIE C.

Since joining Team Nia PT a few months ago, I’ve loved training! The most important thing of the whole experience is that Nia makes sure the workouts are fun, different and never boring. I look forward to every workout session as no two sessions are ever the same and time flies by and I feel amazing afterwards!KELLY M.

Joining Nia’s workout community honestly changed my life and whole outlook on fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I joined in July 2020 and haven’t looked back - the workouts are fun, varied, challenging and the quickest 20 minutes you’ll ever do! They made me fall in love with making my body the best it can be and I absolutely love the buzz I feel when they’re done! I love Nia’s style of coaching: enthusiastic and motivating without being too in your face! I would (and do!) recommend joining Team Nia PT 10000% she’s the best!!!LAUREN E.

The difference since joining Team Nia PT has been incredible, not only have I lost weight and inches I've become stronger and so much fitter...from lifting 2.5kgs in January to lifting 6-7.5kgs now and running 2-3 times a week!!This would never have been possible without the amazing support from Nia.. she's always at the end of an inbox with advice but most importantly encouragement and motivation. The love and effort she puts into the members group shows me how much she cares and without this support I would have given up after challenge 1!!! I never in a million years would ever have thought I would be working out 5 times a week (I never miss a workout) and now running too ????? to anyone who reads this, if your considering joining Team Nia PT DO IT, I promise you, you WILL NOT REGRET IT! I'm so glad I did and I've never looked back!LISA J.

"My aim is to provide a variety of short effective workouts that are the perfect mix of challenging and fun; To share my positive approach to a balanced lifestyle and to help you create a fitness routine that complements your life and makes you feel amazing" Nia x


UNIT 2 GYM by Nia Lewis Personal Training has not yet filled in its description.

UNIT 2 GYM by Nia Lewis Personal Training: Opinions

Corey SMASH 123 2 years ago

Nia is a lovely person, she is professional but fun to work out with. Can’t recommend this place and Nia enough - Annabel xx

Elena Pryce 2 years ago

Nia really is a star. She's such a supportive and encouraging trainer. Having had 1-1 PT sessions with her since day one, I am now a member of the Gym which is such a lovely and friendly atmosphere. I also attend classes, which I enjoy very much as Nia varies them week by week - just shows she has brilliant ideas and such great attitude towards her business making it fun for us all. As currently on medication she is there to listen and to guide me through. She's just great and should be proud of herself!! I highly recommend Nia. Diolch am bopeth xx

Hannah Wells 3 years ago

Have been going to the group classes midweek and got to say I really enjoy it!! Was quite nervous at first because I hadnt done any exercise for a looong time but Nia is so good at her job and makes everyone feel welcome!! 100% recommend her classes.

Sara Lewis 3 years ago

Love attending Tuesday S. W. E. A. T and L. B. T Thursdays. Nia is so good in what she does and motivates every one of us! Would definitely recommend!

Mirelle Wright 3 years ago

I Love this gym ! So welcoming and every one is really nice in all classes! Nia is amazing at what she does and tries her very best to help you what you want to achieve shes a star and any time you need help shes only a text away ! I have had Lot's of PT'S with her and go to all her classes and now I use the unit2 gym and it's all amazing .. she's learnt me so much ?

Ruthie Roberts 3 years ago

I've never enjoyed exercising or going to the gym, until I started my 1.1 sessions with Nia. I can honestly say now I love it! Nia is supportive, encouraging and always there if I need any advice, I look forward to my sessions and feel grate after a good work out with Nia. I've also enjoyed learning new things and feel confident in what I'm doing and I couldn't of done it without her help and guidance. She's a diamond.

Beverley Holt 3 years ago

I've always been so self conscious about exercise and body image. But since training with Nia she has helped me feel physically and even mentally stronger in my self Thankyou xx

Heledd Mair Jones 3 years ago

So Glad Nia has opened this Unit in Machynlleth. Very resonable prices and the best motivator anyone could ask for when needing some encouragement to push through the sessions. I attend the SWEAT classes mainly and also the LBT and they do help me with my back problems. I have a worn disk in my back and in Nia's sessions I can go at my own pace and since starting with Nia, I feel my back is strengthening all the time and causing me less issues which is great. Usually I wake up in pain everyday but this is getting better with the exercise, so having her encouragemnet and support is great. Diolch Ni xxx

Nicola Evans 3 years ago

I joined Nia in May 2019, and I've not looked back since. She keeps me motivated and we have fun at every session.i leave smiling and aching (which is not a bad thing I promise) after every session. You really get to see results from her sessions.

Heulwen Holt 3 years ago

Fantastic gym, very friendly and not intimidating at all. Nia is really motivating and encouraging. Booking my personal training sessions and then becoming a member of Unit 2 Gym has been the best decision I've made. Highly recommended.

Jasmine Browne 3 years ago

The gym to go to in town! Nia is Really supportive and encouraging, and the classes are always really welcoming. If there is anything you are ever unsure with Nia will be there to guide you through. If you join her PT sessions you get a service like no other - including home workout and nutrition advice. The gym is also located in town so it’s super convenient.

Mel Fleming 3 years ago

Can do nothing but praise Nia, she's doing amazing. Her PT sessions are just great, she's an extremely supportive trainer, always there to help and advise and as a newbie to weights she's given me the confidence to do it and enjoy it too. I really look forward to my sessions! The group classes are always full of energy and good fun! Would highly recommend Nia

carly nicole 3 years ago

Excellent gym with fantastic equipment in a central location. Its amazing watching Nia thrive with such determination to make so many clients achieve their goals. Her PT sessions are great for focusing on your personal goals whether your a newbie or not. I found it very helpful to learn new ways of exercising and using weights with confident to improve performance in other sports. Love the Saturday classes and set me up for the weekend. Keep up the good work

Robyn Lee Davison 3 years ago

Nia makes working out so much fun! She always brings an amazing, positive and fun atmosphere to all her sessions and makes everything fun! She’s mastered the just right challenge in her classes, leaving you feeling like you’ve had a good solid workout! I can’t recommend her enough.

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