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Chatsworth Parade 15
BR5 1DF, Orpington
+44 7763 847351

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  • Monday: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: Closed
  • Saturday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
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Matt Knight Personal Training and Nutrition: Opinions

5/5 (22 Opinions)
Salih Karal 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality Excellent personal trainer. Great experience and knowledge, applied effortlessly and tailored to your needs. Thank you Matt.

Jane Galea 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: Matt certainly gets you into shape and motivates you..... I highly recommend and will definitely continue with all the suggestions he has made, I really liked that fact he takes time out to listen and talk over any doubts you may have, also vitamins!! He knows his stuff on this subject also. Don’t hold back on starting a new YOU in 2021. Life is to short.....Grab it now.

Sue Wheeler 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: I've worked with a number of personal trainers over the last 10-15 years but working with Matt was a completely different and positive experience. I've achieved more in the last 5 months than I have in years even with injuries and Matt's approach has helped me push myself out of my comfort zone. I'm feeling physically and mentally strong and looking forward to making more progress. Thanks for all the support and encouragement.

Akin Sabrioglu 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: Matt is in my opinion the best personal trainer you will find in the industry. Matt is very motivating and supportive, always bringing a lot of energy and fun to our sessions as well as pushing you to be your best. Matt also genuinely cares about both the physical and mental wellbeing of everyone he works with and has an abundance of knowledge in nutrition and anatomy, you know you’re in safe and experienced hands. Very highly recommend for anyone serious about improving their health and fitness.

tracy Dudley 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: I've always been in two minds when it comes to Personal Trainers but after meeting Matt changed the way I felt. Matt was very professional and was very passionate about helping people. What made me even more inspired was his own personal journey. Matt has a lot of knowledge and for some one like myself who has a long medical history, failed in loosing weight, and with the odds stacked up against me felt impossible. Matt has helped me with so much not just loosing weight but having a good understanding with food, nutrition, how my body works regarding to the digestive system and so much more , I love the workshops Matt does as it also allows you to meet other clients going through the same things. M y personal growth just keeps on growing I am much more confident energetic, stronger and happy. My health and general wellbeing has improved so much. My sleep pattern has also improved. I cannot thank Matt enough for his help and believing in me and being part of my amazing journey. look forward to working with you soon and smashing some more goals

Helen Ashenden 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: I cannot recommend Matt highly enough. Working with him has literally been life changing for me in respect of my physique, health and confidence. I spent hours at the gym getting nowhere but once I started working with Matt I saw results in just a couple of weeks. His knowledge of exercise, nutrition and injury rehab is vast! He constantly supports you and is always on hand to answer any questions or to give you a kick up the a*se if needed! I have achieved way more than I thought I ever could and he even manages to make you smile through the burn!

Imogen Newman 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: Fantastic personal trainer I worked with Matt for 6months to get in shape for my wedding and all the goals I wanted to achieve...... I totally achieved them I have never been so in shape and healthy as I am now all thanks to Matt.

Kate Stride 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: Matt has taken (and is taking) me from an inert, overweight, seriously out of condition, non-bending knee, post-mid-life crisis derelict person - to a happier, healthier, more confident person - getting me back to the person I used to be. I can now bend, dance again and I can actually walk! He listens, he pushes you - then pushes you harder, (makes you cry!), identified areas which have probably been dodgy for years - develops a training plan that works with/for the individual - and explains what is happening. His nutritional advice is excellent - pinpointing historic errors of previous 'healthy eating regimes' and giving you straight forward, easy to follow facts I wholeheartedly recommend Matt's services - highly professional, aware, sensitive and supportive - #tiptoptrainer

Meichele Lehous 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: I have always been a lazy gym goer and decided to make a change and teamed up with Matt. His approach made me realise that with a little hard work and thought into food I could fairly easily change my body .. he even made me enjoy working out as I could see the results ! Highly recommend Matt for anyone who is struggling with working out

Courtney Rumbold 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: If you want to see results Matt is your guy :) I trained with Matt for a few years & he has the right balance of being stern but having a laugh & definitely seeing results! Everything is achievable!!

Richard Beaumont 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: Matt is highly recommended for anyone wishing to become a better you. I have used him a few times as I was struggling with achieving the body I wanted. I was struggling on my diet and training while at the gym. After an initial consultation with Matt to discuss what I was after and problems I was facing I could see he knew his stuff well and was very detailed and precise with his information. He tailored a diet plan and exercise programme for me which I used with great results. I have recommended Matt to many people all who have had as much success as I have had. He pushes you when needed and gets the balance right. Matt your the man. Thanks for your help Rich B

Tobyn Maxwell 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: Fantastic trainer and lovely bloke. Great nutrition planning and workouts - pushes you hard but makes the sessions really fun. Very flexible and happy to work around my work commitments even at the last minute. Can't recommend enough

Daniella Zen 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: 5 star rating Isn't enough! Matt has been my trainer and my go to recommendation for many friends, for the reason that I'm confident he won't let you or your expectations down. After joining back the gym some few years ago, I had lost all confidence in how to train, with the same mundane routine and no real direction. It was then I was recommended Mat to train with me, to teach me how to achieve the body and fitness goals I was after, along with a personal guide to nutrition and diet that was tailored for me and my needs. Initially I had no idea what i needed to do and how to achieve the self image that I had in my head, but session by session Matt taught me the science behind what it was I was doing and why I was doing it, when and how often to train, whilst making it relaxed, fun and also incredibly enjoyable to train. You won't regret making the decision to train and gain in your life with Mat, after years of dropping out of gym routines I cant imagine going back to the unfit and unmotivated woman I once was when it came to health and fitness! Thanks Matt x

M F 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: Matt is an amazing PT to work with and always on hand anytime day or night with advice and help :) great guy with great results!

Ajay Kapur 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: Matt is one of the best in the business. Seriously, after bouncing around a number of personal trainers over a number of years, Ive never met someone who is more dedicated to helping their clients achieve their goals than Matt. The quality and diversity of the training that he provides coupled with the individual nutrition and supplement guides tailored to each person really makes the difference, and the results I have had with Matt are the best I've ever had.

Nick Stride 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: I'd had multiple sessions with different personal trainers, and none of them really gave me confidence in their methods. I'd been a member at Beckenham Gym on Copers Cope Road for a while and Matt had been very helpful without me even giving him a penny, so I decided to buy a block of sessions with him. After the initial meeting to discuss my goals and training history, Matt already had me feeling confident that I could smash my targets, giving me a great tailored diet plan and a list of supplements that very much aided my progress. Matt goes beyond training people, he's a teacher, he taught me ways to work out that I'm still using to this day, and the routines are still working for me. Other trainers I'd worked with would almost make you dependant on training WITH them to have an effective work out, but Matt teaches you why you are doing things so that you can confidently work out without his guidance, and that is truly valuable. If you're like me and look at qualifications and turn your nose up, don't do this with Matt, his knowledge shines through in every session and you'd be silly to not try and pick his brains. After my first 10 sessions with Matt, I had gone from 109kg, down to 86kg which has all been recorded in my fitness diary that we filled out together. After my second 10 sessions with Matt, I've made further progress and I've got down to 78kg, and I'm stronger and more toned than I ever thought I would be. 10/10, 5 Stars, A+. I'm so grateful to the man himself, as you can probably tell from the glowing review. Let Matt do for you, what he did for me. Apologies for the long review!

Gina 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: I love training with Matt - he always provides varied workouts focussing on the results you want - he really kept me motivated to achieve my goals. There are a lot of people in the industry who don't really know what they are doing but Matt definitely does - highly recommend!

Paul Moss 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: Matt is quite simply the best!

Alex M 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: I can honestly say that Matt is the best personal trainer I have ever had! I've never met any personal trainer who has the level of dedication to their clients, or as much understanding of their clients' needs and goals. One of the things I've like most about working with Matt is that he makes me feel that the journey towards my personal health and fitness goals is a shared one and so this is "us", we are doing his together rather than just me as an individual with some trainer. The service I receive from having Matt as a trainer is much more just the "work out", Matt's vast knowledge and understanding of diet, nutrition, and exercise, and the underlying science and how they all combine to result in overall health and well-being I feel will rival some doctors! Matt includes all of these aspects in the service and they are carefully tailored to your needs. As mentioned Matt also understands the importance of goal setting and throughout the time we have worked together, in helping me achieve my exercise and fitness goals Matt has helped boost my confidence and self esteem in general and I feel has given me the base to achieve other goals in life in general. So I feel that training from Matt has added much more value to my life than simply the sessions in the gym! In a nutshell I feel the Matt really genuinely cares about his clients as people. So if you're reading this no matter who you are I'm 100% sure Matt can help you!

Brenda White 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: I injured my back pretty badly after having worked out with kettle bells. I was given a course of two NHS sessions of physiotherapy treatments and told to do some exercise which really didn't help. After having an informal discussion with Matt, l booked twelve sessions with him as a personal trainer. Matt used his expertise and knowledge and was able to target the area of my lower back giving me specific exercises to target the muscles that gave me chronic back pain. With Matts excellent knowledge he got me back to peak fitness. As you will see from my photo it also got me into great shape. I can't thank him enough!

Tiffany Hull 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: I've always wanted a better body but never had the motivation to do anything about it. Once meeting Matt and having my first session my whole outlook on food and training changed. Now I'm in the gym at least 3 times a week I eat so much better and my body is starting to look how I want it which means I'm so much more confident.Matt understands what you can and can't do so the session is tailored to you. I couldn't imagine going back to my old eating habits or stopping this gym life! Loving It! Thanks Matt

Paddy McDaddy 6 years ago

Fantastic experience: I never thought I would benefit from a personal trainer until I started training with Matt who is an amazing personal trainer, he has personalised a training and diet plan that works best for me and works around my lifestyle. He is knowledgeable, flexible and an absolute pleasure to train with.

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