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Artington Walk
GU2 4EA, Guildford
+44 7859 895965

Opening hours

  • Monday: 6:30 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 6:30 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 6:30 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 6:30 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 6:30 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 6:30 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed


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Jerome Rietveld Fitness: Opinions

Adrianne Phebey 11 months ago

Due to my sporting background, I had always had unhealthy relationships with food, exercise, and weight. My focus was always to get as light as possible, train as much as possible and generally work out on as little calories as possible. Since retiring from boxing, I was struggling to live a “normal” balanced lifestyle, and this was made worse with lockdown affecting my work and taking the gyms away from me! Jerome has been fantastic at teaching me that you can live a normal lifestyle and still get strong and lean. There were no terrifying and dramatic changes – everything was just on the edge of my comfort zone. Now I would say that I have the most body confidence that I have had in years, and this is on the most calories I’ve been eating consistently. My gym programmes don’t kill me, but they work. I probably wasn’t the easiest work with, but Jerome has always been patient, responsive and flexible. For the first time in my life, I feel that I understand balance and I finally have the tools to manage that myself. I think that’s what makes Jerome stand out from the others; he’s so knowledgeable, but he’s happy to share that and he wants you to life a sustainable, healthy lifestyle without relying on him forever. Thank you!

Ben McEwen 1 year ago

Following a sports injury 18 months ago I had an extended period away from the gym and had lost my confidence and motivation around fitness. At the same time work began to get busy and then the pandemic hit. A summer of working from home coupled with family packs of Doritos on special offer meant noticeable weight gain and declining fitness. I found Jerome and enrolled on the Everyday Athlete programme and I can't recommend it enough. Jerome took time to understand my situation and put together a programme designed to improve diet, reintroduce fitness and weight training, and bring back confidence and routine. I noticed an immediate improvement to definition and toning around stomach and continued to improve throughout the programme, even with traditional gyms closed. Jerome has created a friendly, robust and adaptable programme designed to tackle specific areas as well as enhance overall fitness As a result of completing the programme I reduced body fat, toned stomach and pecs and built muscle in my arms, back and legs. I also improved my diet, reduced fat intake and increased protein. I really enjoyed his direct and straight talking coaching style and the blend of 1:1 feedback and digital tools ensure the programme is easy to follow.

James Sweeney 1 year ago

Decided a couple of years ago it was time to start looking after myself and trying to get in shape. Being a father of 2 kids and at 47 i was finding after working long hours i was too tired and stressed at times to keep up with the kids due to being overweight feeling lethargic and generally no energy motivation. So i joined the local gym and set about putting things right. I was hitting the gym 3/4 times a week flipping between weight machines and cardio..due to lack of knowledge and confidence i stayed away from the free weights. After 4 months i was finding it a slog and the biggest reason was i was putting weight nn due to lacking in dietary know how. So i scoured about online and decided to follow various PTs..must admit found a few of them overwhelming and then I came across Jerome's page. I read up and signed up for emails..started to receive emails and found that the content related to how i was feeling and how i wanted to achieve my goals so i signed up for a call back. Couple of days later Jerome called me and we had a chat. The chat was not what I was expecting..this wasnt a guy trying to sell you a generic progamme this was a guy who has a genuine interest in how your feeling mentally and what your goals are. After the chat which was relaxed and in no way pushy I decided to sign up on the programme. I was excited to get started and once I signed up I was given a plan and nutritional guidance. Going to the gym was a buzz I was now a man with a plan and my diet had changed to suit my goals. The nutrional guidance and gym programme saw me losing 2 stone..i went from a 36 waist to a 32 waist and my energy levels were through the roof not to mention my confidence I can now go on holiday and walk around with my shirt off something ive not done in years. My clothes (new wardrobe)fit a lot better and my arms finally fill out my sleeves. Cannot believe how my physique has changed and how my general outlook on life has too and its all down to Jeromes programme and guidance. On a weekly basis we check in on the FB page and the guys in the group are first class..they give advice when asked for give support and encouragement and when your slipping they give you a gentle kick up the behind to get you back on track. One big thing about the programme for me is that on the nutritional front I have learned to make smart choices..i can still have a beer a burger or a pizza but i now make healthier choices as I can still enjoy these things fitting them into my allowance and it makes the whole process easier. Smart guidance has lead to not only sustainable weight loss but has lifted my mood and confidence and my energy levels. Anytime i now meet folk who i havent seen in a while they comment on my change in physique. If like me your looking for that change in your life then I would highly recommend Jeromes programme. Not only has his programme helped me physically but it has changed my mental health no end and his nutritional guidance has changed my eating habits for life. I cant praise Jerome enough and would just like to say a big thanks. Make the choice now and get with the programme..Jerome gives you the tools for success now go and grab them and make the wont regret it.

Carl Buck 2 years ago

As a 44 year old man with a stressful, full time job and 4 young kids, my health and fitness had taken a back seat for a few years. I’d tried various different plans but with little success, until I eventually took the plunge with Jerome. Immediate the whole process made sense. A logical method of eating and training to suit your individual lifestyle, with Jerome there every step of the way to tweak what needs tweaking, answer any questions or just hold you accountable. 12 weeks later I’m back in 32” jeans for the first time in over 10 years, have more energy, more muscle and less fat, and a load more energy. If you’re looking at changing your physique, lifestyle, diet, or just need more energy or body confidence, but you’ve tried before and don’t know which way to turn, Jerome will undoubtedly be able to help you.

Benjamin Millar 2 years ago

When I started with Jerome, I had just turned 17 and was really struggling with body image. Having come from being severely overweight, I began to turn to the opposite extreme, not eating in an attempt to cut down the body fat. My relationship with food was poor, and I had been training hard, but in ways that were not supportive of a healthy lifestyle. Jerome completely changed my outlook on food and fitness. Not only did he guide me on how I can have a healthy relationship with food while still achieving progress, but he also set me up for how to train properly - Using the right techniques for different exercises to make the most effective gains. Jerome was always on the other end of the line if I needed him - both with food guidance, training help and support when days got tough, and I lacked motivation. The programme was tailored to me and my situation. It wasn’t an ‘off the shelf’ training plan - He knew that what would work for me was going to be different from what might work with another client. After my time with Jerome, I have not only achieved progress physically, cutting down body fat and increasing muscle mass. I have achieved a huge amount of progress mentally. I am set up now to go out and train with a good attitude which will, in turn, help me achieve the best progress. My relationship with food is far better now than when I started out with Jerome. For that, I am massively grateful.

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