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Welcome to Chalvedon ABC. We are an amateur boxing club that has been established over 30 years. If you are willing to train hard and you want to learn the skillful sport of Amateur Boxing in a fun, safe & friendly atmosphere, then come along and meet the team.

The Chalvedon boxing club made the trip to Halstead today with 5 boxers. First on was young Billy Brewer, he boxed another good skills contest against a good little prospect from Peterborough Police. Billy as usual, was the taller lad. He kept his opponent at range with his jab, landing some great combinations.

Next on, Louie Kirby, he boxed a skills today. He went against a good lad from Halstead. Louie came out strong from the first bell. He caught his lad with some great combinations and showed some good skills.

Next was Shay Barry’s first skills contest. Shay showed that he has got what it takes to get out of the gym. He gave a good account of himself against another local Halstead boxer.

Next was Sonny Hardy, he boxed a top Irish lad from Ballymore Hollywood. Sonny caught him with good strong combinations, putting him down in the second round, followed with an 8 count. Another count in the third, this was enough for his corner to throw the towel in and retire their boxer.

Last on was our girl, Georgina Friswell, she had another good girl all the way from Waterlooville. Georgina took the first with some lovely shot landing spot on. Her opponent came back stronger in the second, giving Georgina an 8 count. All even going into the third, the girl came on stronger in the final minute, giving Georgina another 8 count, she finished the bout with no win this time. She will learn from this experience,

Today Chalvedon Boxing Club made the trip to Milton Keynes with George Rushden taking part in the Schoolboy Semi Finals. He boxed a tricky lad from Pinewood ABC that wouldn’t let George settle and box. He finally worked the lad out, catching him cleaner shots as he was rushing in, to take the unanimous points win.

We have a few boxers hit the post, but George Rushden done the business today in Manchester. He was up against a very tall, unbeaten lad from Steel City. George stuck to the lad for all three rounds, catching him with some great shots to take the win by a unanimous decision. Well worth the trip.

He now goes onto the England Boxing Selection camp in 2 weeks time, with the chance to represent his country. The ultimate accolade for any aspiring boxer.

The 2017 Senior Novice National Championships started this weekend in Tilbury. Connor Mulvey was the only boxer having to compete at this stage. His opponent was an experience lad from Braintree ABC. Connor took the occasion immediately, taking control of the bout. With excellent sustained work over the 3 x 3 minutes round, Connor came through with a comfortable unanimous points win. Conner now joins Gary Corcoran in the Eastern Counties Finals at 5 Lakes resort, Colchester next weekend.

After last weekends fantastic win, Connor Mulvey joined Gary Corcoran at the 5 Lakes Hotel in Essex for the Eastern Counties Finals of the Senior Novice Championship.

Gary had a tough awkward opponent in the Class A Finals for 2-10 bout boxers. Despite boxing extremely well over all 3 rounds, the very close 3-2 split decision proved just how close the bout was. Could easily have gone the other way.

Connor Mulvey had a boxer from Norwich Lads in his final. Almost straight from the first bell, the Norwich Lads boxer piled on the pressure. Conor rode the onslaught initially, before his fitness level showed an he came forward to command the bout. This continued throughout the entire contest, with Connor overwhelming his opponent enough to cause a standing 8 count in the third. Although the result was a surprising Split decision, 4-1, the right boxer got the result. Onto the Pre Quarter Finals at Chelmsford Cricket Ground next Friday, taking on the Home Counties.

Chalvedon Boxing club made the trip to the Norwich Lads show with Conor Mulvey. Conor’s bout was a cross match with a great lad from Brighton & Hove. 3 x 3 minute rounds definitely suited Mulvey. He boxed clever using sharp footwork and angles to get his shots off. His opponent was more than worthy but didn’t come too close. Connor’s work was the cleaner and more consistent, which earned him the unanimous points win. Well done Conor, coming back strong after the disappointment of withdrawing from the Development Championships due ti illness.

He opened the show, bout 1, with a great home lad from the home club, Eastgate. Both lads showed good skills. Shae boxed really well to instructions from his corner and showed a big improvement from last time out. Well done Shae

Chalvedon Boxing Club hit the road again, with Conor boxing in Norwich and Sonny the opposite way in Bristol. Sonny was representing a Western Counties Select Team against the Irish Select Team, all the way from Cork.

Sonny boxed a more experienced Irish lad, in fact the bout against Sonny was his fiftieth. They had a very skillful bout, with both boys trying to draw each others moves, just like a chess match. Some big shots went in from Sonny and his opponent, but Sonny caught him with the better combinations to take the win by a unanimous points score.

Chalvedon were up early on a Sunday morning after a few hours sleep from the night before. Its Georgina Frizwell’s big day. After traveling from York University the previous weekend to hear her opponent had withdrawn from the Semi Finals, she was more than ready.

Back in Essex again, she was up at 6am for the trip to Solihull. She was facing an opponent with far more experience than her in the final, but this did not faze her in the slightest.

Georgina was that relaxed, she even went out for a fry up after the weigh in. After watching twelve bouts, it was show time for her. Georgina came out fast in the first round, using her jab time after time, to great effect. She had her opponent on the back foot for most of the round.

Round 3, was a real test for Georgina, she dug deep to catch her girl with heavier and cleaner shots to get her hand raised as the title winner, National Development Champion for 2017 by a well deserved unanimous points decision.

This is Chalvedon’s first ever Female National Champion. A small support was there, with Georgina’s Parents, the ever attentive Karen and Sonny Hardy, with even the Club Chairman there to support as well. Another milestone for Chalvedon ABC.

Two of Chalvedon’s youngsters made the short trip to the Prince Regent Hotel in Chigwell, on Friday night for the Fairburn ABC Dinner Show. After crawling through the traffic to the weigh in, Louie Kirby came in a bit over and ended up with a skills bout. He boxed a good lad from Fairburn. After a slow first round, Louie picked up the pace, cathcing his opponent with some great shots. A skills bout, so no losers, both boxers having their hands raised at the end. Next in was Billy Brewer. This was Billy’s first bout against a more experienced Fairburn lad so the pressure was on. billy went into the ring a touch nervous and showed it in the first round, as he couldn’t quite get his shots off quick enough. However, the nerves faded in the second and he started catching his opponent with some good shots. The third round saw Billy give his all, a lot of lads knowing they are down give up, but he dug in until the final bell. It sounded more like our home show with support he took. A very close loss for Billy this time but he will learn from it.

A really good bout from start to finish, with both boys digging deep. It was Billy that landed the cleaner shots tonight. He boxed well to instructions from his corner and took a good points win. Thanks to all the support from friends and family tonight. We made more noise than West Ham

First up was young Teddy Fleming, for another skills bout. He boxed a more experienced lad from Holland Shore. The two boys were perfect for each other. Big Ted’s fast hands and fancy footwork was a bit much for his opponent. Ted is improving every time

Last up was George Rushden. We took a chance with a slightly more experienced challenger from Ockley BC all the way from Bognor Regis. The two boys came out fast, catching each other with big shots. The first round was very close, George settled better in the second and got back to his boxing, edging the lead. The third went Our way again, with Goerge taking the win by a split points decision. The bout will go again soon.

Todays was Harry Blackhalls day to shine. Harry boxed in the National NAGBCs Pre Quarter Finals against a good strong lad from Farnham. Both boys came out fast in the first round, with Harry catching his opponent with some heavy blows, but he hung in there, catching Harry with some return shots. Harry, the stronger of the two, stalked the Farnham lad for the remaining rounds, banging in body and head shots to take the well deserved win by way of a unanimous decision. He now progresses to the Quarter Finals next weekend at the Roundhouse, Dagenham, on Sunday. Well done Hazza Blackhall

What a terrific night of boxing on the Five Star Open Show. First up for us was Our Big Teddy Flemo, another great skills bout with a good lad from Holland Shore. Ted did what he does best, with great footwork and speed. He is ready for a competitive bout now. Next up, was Finlay Lewis, another skills bout but as good as a scoring bout. Fin took to it like a duck to water, boxing a good home lad from Five Star. Next on, was naughty boy, Louie Kirby, he again boxed a home boy from Five Star. Louie’s awkward south paw style proved too much for his opponent. Kirby pulled it out of the bag to take the unanimous points win. Next was Billy Brewer, he had a rematch with a good lad from West Ham. Billy beat the lad last time out, and the boy came to win this time round. Both lads went at it for 3 hard rounds, our Billy caught the boy with some great shots and dug his heels in for the third, but it was to be this time. We thought he’d done enough, but it was close bout. Last on was Bobster Bobby Tildesley, again a rematch against a good West Ham lad. A completely different bout from their first encounter. Bobby came with fire in both fists. He had a great bout that wouldn’t look out of place in a National Final. For me the best bout of the night. Level going into the last, again We thought Bobby edged the win, but it went the other way. It really was that close. Thanks to Eddie at Five Star for getting all the lads on. Thanks once again to all the family and friend giving vital support. Well done everyone.

Another great display of boxing by these 2 lads at the Northolt show. First was Teddy Flemo, he had another good skills bout with a strong home boxer. Teddy knows his way around the ring now and is a pleasure to watch with his fancy hand & footwork. Second was Bobby Tildesley, He took on a great little home boxer, Jimmy McDonaugh. Both lads went for it from the first to the last bell, with Bobby looking the stronger of the two.

Friday 15th December, Chalvedon’s Teddy Flemo, AKA Big Ted, was on the road agin, tonight at the Smokies Boxing Show in Tilbury. A great line up with Ted opening the show. Although it was a skills bout, he takes it so seriously, he worked at his opponent in the first, and boxed really well to instructions for the corner. As always, he is a pleasure to watch. Always entertaining. A great asset to the ever growing team of young talented boys and girls at the club.

Chalvedon Boxing Club made the long trip for a great night at the Eastbourne Boxing Show. An amazing venue, with some well matched bouts. First up, George Rushden, he had a return bout against Luke Beaver from Ockley. George got the win first time round, but the pressure was on him, in Luke’s own back yard. George looked so much better this time, boxing well to instructions from

his corner. He got the first and second rounds in the bag, by sitting back a bit, taking time to get his shots off and relaxing. The third was a busier round, with Luke momentarily drawing George into a fight, but he got back to his boxing to take the unanimous win.

Aldine, well known for his long left hooks, caught Harry with some great shots in the first, but Harry stuck to Aldine and closed the gap on him, cutting the ring down. Harry caught Aldine with some great bent arm shots and was the busier of the two. He finally took the fire out of Aldine in the third round to take the unanimous win. Well done both lads, and all involved at Eastbourne Boxing Club

First up was Finley Lewis, who had his second skills bout with a good lad from Smokies. It was a great bout from start to finish. Finley caught his lad with some great shots and boxed well to instructions.

Next was Sammy Neil. It was his first skills bout with a lad from Lion Boxing Club. Sammy landed some lovely head shots on his opponent in the first round, then dropped to the jab but still proved too much for the opponent, who retired at the end of the round. Sammy showed great respect for the lad by making sure he was ok.

Last, but not least, was Louie Kirby. He had a rematch against the lad from Five Star Boxing Club. Louie was on fire tonight, working well off the jab. Some great footwork and fast combinations, caught the opponent out time after time, earning Louie the unanimous points win.

Three of Chalvedon’s young Schollboys boxed on the CSM Championship show. First up, was Our young Sammy Neil. He ttok the Skills bout with only 30 minutes notice. He boxed a good lad from Top Yard ABC. It turned out a well matched bout. Sammy stayed composed looking, working off the jab and well to instruction.

Next, Joe Zammit, he had his first skills bout with a tall lad from Southend ABC. Joe was bag of nerves all morning, until he climbed into the ring. He settled quickly and gave a good account of himself, catching the opponent with some good shots.

Last on for Chalvedon, Teddy Flemo. It was his first competitive bout, so a bit more pressure than before. He boxed a good lad all the way from Hastings & Westhill ABC. Teddy matched the lad in the first round. He got stuck in the corner boxing off the ropes in the second, which doesn’t suit his style. Round 3, was a really tough round for both lads, going at it from start to finish. It wasn’t to be this time for Flemo, he will learn a great deal and come back stronger.

First on, Finley Lewis, he had another skills bout with a local lad from Sudbury ABC. He boxed well to instructions from the corner, and gave a great account of himself, catching his lad with some good counters.

Next, was big Teddy Flemo. He boxed a good lad from Fenland Sparta. Ted cam out fast with good hand speed and footwork, beating the opponent to the cleaner shots. He won every round against a good lad, to take the expected unanimous points win.

Last on, George Rushden, took on a closer to home opponent from Canvey ABC. George also came out fast in the first and didn’t let his lad settle. The second round was much the same, with George stepping up the pace. The third round sealed it for him. Cathcing his opponent with some good combinations to take another unanimous points win.

First up was young Joe Zammit. Another skills bout for Joe, with a good little lad from Daggers. Both boys gave it their all from start to finish in a great entertaining bout. Joe gave a good account of himself and boxed to instructions from his corner.

Next up was Finley Lewis. This was his first competitive bout with another Daggers lad. Finley, the taller of the two, took control of the bout from the first bell. He also boxed well to instructions. He proved too much for his opponent in the third round, with the Ref having to stop the contest due to his opponent not answering back with enough shots.

Billy to settle and box. The boy was throwing little gittery shots to the body and arms, not one good shot landed from him. Billy landed the cleaner shots with more force, but the lads more aggressive style won the judges eye.

Next up was Bobby Tildesley. He was having a rematch with a home boxer so the pressure was one from the start. Bobby came out fast in the first round and boxed well. Happy with that round, he upped his game in the second but it looked more even. His opponent came on strong in the last part of the third to finish the victor. We thought we did enough to win both bouts, but it wasn’t to be. Both boys will come back stronger and better from it. Thanks to all the support, the noise was unbelievable.

Chalvedon on the road again, this time up into Cambridgeshire to the St. Ives show. Three lads were due to box. First on, was Bobby Tildesley, he went up against a good little lad from St. Ives. A well matched bout. Bobby showed some good skills, catching his lad with some great combinations. He used good movement to slip the counters to earn a unanimous points win.

Next up was Louie Kirby. He also boxed a good little lad from St. Ives. Louie awkward south paw style worked well for him, catching his lad with good shots and turning off the ropes throughout the bout, earning a unanimous points win.

Last on was, Harry Hazza Blackhall. He went up against a much taller unbeaten lad from Top Yard Boxing Club. Harry caught his lad with some big hard shots. He took 3 cautions and lost a point for slapping. First time in 17 bouts. We thought he did enough to get the win, but went the other way this time. A rematch in the offing, all day long. Well done to all three lads and the superb traveling support.

Chalvedon were on the road again last night, to the big Eastgate Dinner Show. Only one lad on, Levi Crabb, he had a last minute change after his opponent fell ill. Levi had a slow first round giving his lad too much time, the second was more even with Levi mixing it up more. Round three was Levi’s although it was too late losing on a close split decision. The Bout will go again soon. Thanks to Mark O’Reilly and his lad for helping out on short notice.

Chalvedon were out again at the Halstead dinner show with two lads boxing. First up was Alfie Banyard, he had his first skills with a good lad from Sandwich Boxing Club. A great show of skills from Alfie boxing well to instructions giving a great account of himself. Next up was Billy “boy” Brewer, he boxed a good lad from Fairbairn Boxing Club. Billy took control from the first bell looking the sharper of the two, putting together good combinations, outworking his opponent resulting in a unanimous points decision for Billy. Well done both lads and a big thanks to all who came to support. 

April 21st Smokeys Open Show, Chalvedon boxer BIlly ‘Boy’ Brewer competed tonight at the show in East Tilbury. Having a rematch with Fairbains, Kye Bassi, another great bout as was the first. Billy came out fast in the first round and was all over Bassi, stepping up the work in the second catching Kye with good combinations. Billy upped the gear in the 3rd round to take the contest by a Unanimous points decision. Well done Billy, and big respect to Kye Bassi and all that showed up to Support Billy.

Chalvedon were out again today at the Lion show, just the one boxer on, Josh Crabb took on the talented Sammy Khan from Turners. A very well matched bout, Josh having a very close first round, great second round, but taking an 8 count in the third knocking him out of his stride. Although losing the close fight, it was a good test for Josh again a older more experienced boxer. Well done Josh.

First on, was Bobby Tildesley. We knew he was up against it, taking on the number one ranked boxed for the age and weight in the country. Bobby came out in the first taking a big shot, that would have been enough for most minors. He came back from it and boxed well, but he took an 8 count and had to re group. The second round was much better, with Bobby catching his opponent with some great shots to take the round. The third round Bobby took an 8 count early in the round for a very soft blow. Bobby dug in deep to catch up again, but took another 8 count that meant the bout was over. Bobby’s opponent spoke to him afterwards, explaining he’d never had such a hard bout. Well done Booby, you’re a rising start that will come back brighter and stronger.

Second on, was Josh Crabb. He took on a good lad, ranked number 2 in the country. Josh met the lad earlier in he’s boxing career, coming out second best, so the pressure was on. Josh came out in the first and worked out the lad. He stuck to his game, landing some good shots to take the round. Josh came out in the second knowing he was in front and settled nicely working off the jab. Whatever he took, he countered back to take the round. Round 3, saw them both going for it, but Josh had done enough in the earlier round to take the win and put him through to the next round. Well done Josh and good luck.

Last, but no means least, was Louis Hurst. He took on another good lad. Louis was between weights. Not wanting to clash with his team mate, he went up a weight. He opponent looked like he came down a weight and looked physically stronger. He moved around the ring well, catching his opponent with some good shots, but didn’t settle enough. He opponent landed the better shots, not phasing Louis at all, but impressing the judges enough to take the win. Unlucky Louis.

Chalvedon were on the road again, this time all the way to the Eastgate Show, with young Alfie Banyard. He made the trip to Bury St Edmunds for his second skills bout, with a good little lad from Whittlesey.

After his nerves settled, he boxed really well to instruction, working well of the jab and setting traps to catch his opponent with some good shots. A very well matched bout that will go again in the future.

A mixed day of emotions today for the Crabb brothers. Both boys completed in the semifinals today. Levi Crabb drew a great unbeaten lad from Towbridge, he didn't seem himself today and didn't box to his ability, he tried to go toe to toe, with his opponent and got caught with his chin high with a good shot, enough for the ref to give an8 count and give an RSC. He will learn from it and be back, Next up was Josh Crab, he had another good lad from Danson, Josh had a much better bout, he caught his opponent with some good combinations and used the ring well. He done enough to take every round and get the win by the way of unanimous decision. he now faces a good lad in the finals next saturday and is capable of going all the way. He is full of confidence and Cant wait to box again. Well done both lads. Thanks for the support from family and friends today.

Chalvedons Josh Crabb boxed in the schools finals yesterday in Grantham. He went up against a good lad from the city of Leister boxing club. It was always going to be awkward bout with both boys being southpaw. The bout didn’t really get going at all with neither boy wanting to commit. Ali was missing and out of range in rounds 1 and 2 with josh just catching him with counters, the 3rd round was a touch better with both boxers landing shots. we thought he did enough but unfortunately josh lost but very close. Still a good achievement though, Number 2 in the country at 46kg. Back to the Gym next week to prepare for next season.

Chalvedon traveled to the last show of the season last night, to the Trumpington dinner show in Cambridge. Both boys boxed as part of the Mid-Angelia Squad. First up was Levi Crabb, he boxed a good lad from progress. Levi was on his opponent from the first bell, catching him with some good shots,  backing him up onto the ropes outboxing him. He got the win by a split decision. Next up was Sonny Hardy, having been out injured since November, he was back boxing a good lad from Norwich City. Sonny boxed well catching his opponent with good scoring shots, moving well not getting caught. We thought he did enough to win although the judges saw it the other way, meaning Sonny lost by a Split decision. One judge stating that he lost because of the showboating, although we call it moving without getting caught. The bout will go again in the future. Thanks to Gary Davidson Jnr and Tony for the chance to box on a great show. 

Chalvedon’s Sonny Hardy took on a good lad from Norwich City, He boxed really well, keeping to his game plan, letting his opponent come forward and catching him on the way in. He used the ring well and slowed the pace, making it a low scoring bout to take the win by the way of a unanimous decision. He will probably meet the lad again in the NABGC’s in Two weeks. Well done Sonny.

Harry Blackhall took on a good lad from Frankie Gavin’s on the Smokey’s Show. He boxed really well and Gave a good account of himself against a much taller lad. Harry hit the lad with some heavy shots and didn't let him settle for the 3 rounds. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be his time. He lost by a very close split decision.

Chalvedon on the road again, Trumpington the destination. Charlie Silwood had a great first skills bout. He met a very tough lad from trumpington. A very well matched skills that could have been a competitive bout. This lad is one to watch out for in the future. Well Done Charlie.

Chalvedon boy Sammy Neil, had a tough skills bout that he took at very short notice. He gave away age and experience to the home boxer and showed great skills and a big heart. One more skills and it’s competitive bouts for Sammy. Well done lad

Billy Boy Brewer was up next, he boxed a tough lad from Hastings and Westhill BC. The boy definitely came to take the win, but Billy, the taller of the two totally outboxed him, he caught the lad with great eliminations and kept him at range with a great jab and good footwork to take the win by way of Unanimous decision. Well done Billy Boy.

Chalvedon boxer Josh Crabb boxed a great lad from the March boxing club. The two boys boxed each other on a previous show. They both dug deep today to make one of the best bouts of the day. Josh caught his opponent with some good shots, combos that he’s been working on with Danny Thompson over the past couple of weeks, his footwork fell into place. The best we have seen him box to date. He took a well deserved win by way of unanimous decision. Well done Josh.

Chalvedon were on the road with Kevin Shymansky. He boxed a good lad from Sevenoaks on their dinner show. For us it was the bout of the night. Kevin boxed really well but lost on a very close points decision. Unlucky Kevin.

In the Semi finals of the Anglian round, Sonny Hardy had another win against a strong lad and good friend Bradley Wilkinson from Norwich City. Sonny caught his opponent with the cleaner shots, making it a great low scoring bout. Both boxers showed a lot of respect for each other, in and out of the ring. He goes on to box another good lad in the final tomorrow.

The finals of the NABGC, Sonny and his opponent went for 3 hard rounds hitting each other with some powerful shots it got a bit messy at times. Sonny easily winning going into the second round got a point taken off for holding so evend it up abit going into the 3rd, still on top and still hitting each other with big shots and combos, the ref decided to take another point off Sonny for leaning on. That in turn lost us the bout by the way of a very close split decision. A great bout by two warriors. Good luck to Owen in the next round.

Chalvedon’s Jack Corrigan had his first skills bout tonight against a more experienced lad on the Smokey’s show, Jack done really well and boxed to instructions from his corner. Conor Mulvey and Danny Thompson said he gave a great account of himself and can’t wait for the next one. Well done jack and team chalvedon

Chalvedon hit the road again tonight to the Attleborough show with young billy boy BillyBoy Brewer, he took on a good home lad, Billy came out fast in the first round to control his opponent but he kept coming, round one under his belt. Round 2, the lad came looking for Billy for a Tear up, they both went at it toe t toe making it a close round. Round 3, Billy got back to the jab and picked up the points with the better shots to take the win by way of split decision. Well done billy boy.

Chalvedon boxer Bobby Tildesley boxed on the fight for peace show today, he boxed a good lad from the West Ham boxing club, Bobby came out fast in the first round, caught his opponent with some good shots but was getting caught by the lads long jab, Bob had trouble at times getting close to him because of the difference in height, once he got inside he worked well, he just got caught too much with the jab and lost on a close split decision. It was the first bout of the season for Bobby and it’s knocked the rust off him. Chin up Bobby and on to the next one soon.

Chalvedon boxer Ronnie Down had his first skills bout today on the fight for peace show, he gave a great account of himself and boxed well to instructions from his corner. After a slow start, Ronnie picked up the pace and got on top of the bout. Well done Ronnie, Nick Tipler and new coach Conor Mulvey. It’s good to see the young coaches doing their thing and passing on their knowledge

Chalvedon boxer Billy boy brewer boxed on the fight for peace show today against a worthy opponent from the West Ham boxing club, Billy got to work with his rangy jab from the start, he landed some good shots, working off the ropes for the first round, then taking the centre of the ring for the next two, He out boxed his lad landed the cleaner shots to take the win by of split decision. Well done Billy

Chalvedon had 3 boys out on the B & W open show. First up was young Ronnie Down, he had another skills bout with a home boxer, he had a slow first round, but picked up the pace in the 2nd and 3rd he boxed well to instructions from his corner and gave a good account of himself. Next up was shay Barry, he was there for a bout with a good lad from the Golden ring boxing club, He too had a slow first round, went toe t toe in the second and third pushing on with some good flurries to take the well deserved win. Next was Sammy Neil, his first competitive bout had him a bit nervous. he was against a strong lad from the host team, Sammy had a good first round, his opponent came on strong in the second to push Sammy back to take the lead, he lost confidence in the third round feeling the pressure, Sammy took a standing 8 count and felt he was too far behind to continue. He will be back stronger and learned a lot from it. Well done to all 3 boys and the support they had.

Last night chalvedon boxer Kevin Shymansky made the long trip to Norwich to the Norwich broadside warriors show, Kevin came out strong in the first round putting his opponent on the canvas and boxing well, round two was fast, both lads landed some good shots, Kevin trying to work on the inside of the taller lad and but getting caught with the jab. It was all down to the third round, Kevin had the first half but faded towards the last 30 seconds, he got caught with the better scoring shots, to take a close loss. The bout will go again sometime in the new year. Unlucky Kevin, a learning bout

Chalvedon were on the road again today to box as part of an eastern Counties select team, Sonny Hardy boxed a good lad from Coventry, Sonny came out fast in the first round catching his opponent with some big heavy combos, he gave the lad 2 standing 8 counts that had him in trouble. Round 2 we told him to settle and slow the pace a bit, he got back to his boxing, still landing good shots and counters to take the well deserved win by way of unanimous decision. Well done Sonny. Great win

Chalvedon were on the road today to compete on the eastern Counties select show in Cambridge, Shae Barry took the bout at short notice against a good lad from canvey, he got caught with the jab a few times in the first but worked the boy out, he stalked him around the ring, closing the ring down and setting the pace, he boxed really well again today and didn’t take a backward step. He got the well deserved win by way of unanimous decision. Well done to shae alpaca Barry

Chalvedon were at the Smokey’s show on Sunday evening with 3 lads, first up was Joe Zammit, it was his comeback to the ring after nearly a year out, he boxed a worthy lad from lighthouse tko, he was full of nerves beforehand but soon got into the bout, his opponent, slightly taller than him, just beat joe to the jab, joe gave a good account of himself, sometimes a bit erratic but enjoyed his comeback. He lost by a close split decision and will learn from it. Next up was Mikey McCarthy, he boxed a more experienced lad from Smokey’s, he got caught with a couple of good shots in the first round and come straight back at the lad, Mikey bit down on his gum shields and dished out his own big shots and combos in the second to even it up. The 3rd was close with both lads giving it their all and saw Mikey take the lose by way of close split decision. Last up was Sammy Neil, he had a good lad from lighthouse tko, Sammy was up for the bout from the start after a couple of losses, he controlled the bout from the first bell with the jab, he moved around the ring well landing some good combos. His confidence showed in the second, he settled well and looked positive again, taking the round. Round 3 he stayed to plan, his nose bleeding didn’t deter him at all, he dug in to take the win by way of unanimous decision, a great turn around. Well done all 3 lads and thanks to all that turned up to show support

Chalvedon where on the road again Sunday evening with 2 shows, Danny & Conor made the trip to south London for the double jab show with cheeky Charlie Silwood, he took on a good southpaw lad from the home team, it took Charlie the first round to work the lad our but soon got the upper hand, he boxed really well to instructions and got the Win by 3rd round stoppage. A great way to end the year for cheeky Charlie and team chalvedon.


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M W 1 year ago

Took daughter to a private boxing lesson. Great place, coach was really friendly and down to earth. Fantastic lesson. Recommend for any level.

Mick Driscoll 1 year ago

Great atmosphere

Jay Saker 3 years ago

Fahima Kalo 3 years ago

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Chalvedon Amateur Boxing Club appears in the following listings:

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